Q: What is the shelf life of the inveev superfoods?

A: We are doing ongoing testing with a 3rd party testing service. The goal was to validate 6 months of shelf life after the bottle is opened and stored in a cool, dry location.  After the first 6 months of testing, our results came back with great results, well within the food safety and stability safety zones.

To prolong safety longer term after opening, specifically for the mind power and reducer superfoods, you can put them in your refrigerator.  The honey, in the immunity superfood, acts organically as an anti-bacterial, so it's likely to be safer even longer.

We will update the FAQ as more results become available.  Digital copies of these reports are available upon request.

Unopened, the product is safe for at least 12 months.

Q: Are inveev superfoods shelf stable and safe? 

A: Yes. To assure long lasting product safety and stability, we’ve added citric acid to each superfood blend to prevent spoilage. Since many bacteria are unable to grow in an acidic environment, citric acid is often added to jams, jellies, candy, canned foods, and even meat products as a form of preservation. We’ve done the same for inveev.

Q: Do these superfoods need to be refrigerated after opening?

A: Nope. Just store in a cool, dry place, and they will last and be safe.  

Q: How did inveev decide on the ingredients for each product recipe?

A: We have herbalists working with us. Each ingredient was specifically chosen for its health benefits as well as its flavor profile. These products took over 2 years to perfect.

Q: Why does inveev use whole ingredients versus powders?

A: In short, it makes for a better, all natural, product. Although powders can be less expensive, they often have reduced efficacy due to drying and processing.  They can also end up being difficult to work with, and create a silty final product. We ONLY use whole ingredients to make sure we provide the most health benefits possible, while also optimizing the quality and user experience of our products.

Q: How long with shipping take after purchase?

A: We ship twice a week, either via UPS or USPS ground.  Purchases should arrive in less than a week from purchase date.

Q: Are the bottles glass or plastic?

A: Glass. They're a bit heavy, actually.  The bottles can be reused for storage, flowers and a variety of other scenarios.  We think you'll really like them.

Q: What's the average serving size?

A: We recommend about two teaspoons. But some are just fine with one.

Q: Are the inveev products vegan and gluten free?

A: All of our superfoods are gluten free. Both mind power and reducer are vegan. Our immunity superfood does have honey. Some do not consider that to be vegan.

Q: Is there a sales sheet for inveev?

A: Yes. Download it here.

Q: Is there special volume pricing for wholesale opportunities?

A: Of course. Feel free to send us a note via our contact page.

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