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Who we are...

We’re simple, health conscious, regular folk. We like to stay active, prefer to put good things in our bodies, and believe in creating products that are honest and good... Developed by tea and coffee lovers with the expert insight of nutritionists and herbalists, our people really know their stuff. Coffee and tea heads? Maybe a little, but we have a real passion for sharing a positive, health-promoting no-hassle lifestyle and think that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Welcome to our community. We really hope you enjoy inveev as much as we do. Tell us how you use our superfood blends. We have big plans for new products, so stick with us, and share what you’d like to see. We would love to hear from you.

Infuse life. Live vibrantly.

Dedicated to living vibrantly and rooted in the concept of ‘infusing life’ , we saw a big need for a delicious and healthy way to boost people’s daily “caffeine routine.”

Put off by neon colors and artificial flavors and sweeteners, we thought… “Is there any reason we can’t find a way to replace granulated sugars and artificially flavored simple syrups as the go-to sweetener for coffee and tea?” Answer: Nope.

In our search to add a bit more goodness to our morning brew, we found ourselves pouring packets of various healthy superfood powders and herbs into our coffee and tea. Unfortunately, we always ended up with something that wasn’t tasty and these powders usually didn’t dissolve, taking all the joy out of that cherished morning cup of coffee or tea.

From our kitchen to your cup—or plate.

First and foremost, we wanted to focus on our product as a series of healthy supplements. But we also believe that health doesn’t mean the need to compromise flavor. This meant finding the right combination of mushrooms, berries, herbs, spices and whole food sweeteners (like dates, honey, yacon and maple syrup) to create something that blended well AND tasted really, really good. After much taste testing and fine tuning, we think we nailed it.

Our delicious and effective superfood blends are made with 100% pure ingredients. The perfect way to accent the flavor and benefits of your tea or coffee, inveev is a series of delicious supplements that are tasty, nourishing, quick dissolving and provide targeted ways to support your health goals—for both body and mind.

Simply great products.

Finally, we focus on whole ingredients that are sourced by local providers. Little guys with great products! We use pure, unprocessed goodness from regular folks.

There’s no need to change up your existing coffee, tea, or beverage of choice just for the healthy benefits inveev offers. Just pour some tasty superfood goodness into your daily routine and know you’ve found another way to add something healthy to your day.

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