Yacón. The Super Tuber!

What is yacón?  

Yacón is a flower, actually part of the daisy family, that grows all year round.  It is most commonly found in the Andes of South America, but sometimes, in the high mountain regions of Central Asia, Nepal in particular.  The root system is tuberous.  Meaning, it kind of looks like a potato. Those tubers are converted into delicious, rich, dark brown, syrups, which we blend into each and every inveev superfood.

What are the health benefits?

Yacón is extremely mineral-dense with a multitude of healthy benefits. That’s why it’s so applicable and critical for each of our inveev superfood blends.  A prebiotic fiber, it is rich in both antioxidants and potassium. Yacón can help regulate blood sugar levels, lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL), aid in digestive health and bolster the immune system, among other things. 

Low in sugar and low glycemic.

What’s also incredible about this natural elixir, is its main compound called fructooligosaccharides (FOS). FOS is a soluble fiber that is passed through your system without being digested. Although FOS is made of sugar, which gives yacón its sweet taste, our digestive system doesn't have the enzymes to break it down. This means that yacon has a low glycemic index since you get sweetness without a spike in blood sugar (or blood glucose).  

What does yacón taste like?

The best description we’ve found is that yacon has a rich, malted flavor, similar to molasses. We think it’s a great compliment to honey, maple syrup and date syrup. It serves to bring down the sweetness of the inveev superfoods, while adding a very unique and complex flavor profile.  

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