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What's this inveev you speak of?

Deliciously and meticulously crafted superfood blends of whole mushrooms, berries, herbs, spices, and natural sweeteners designed to promote a targeted and nutritious boost for your daily coffee or tea ritual—or whenever, really. 

inveev works as a healthy supplement boost on toast, in smoothies, as an ingredient in baked goods, like cookies and biscuits—even as a straight shot on a spoon. How you enjoy it is completely up to you.


immunity ingredients include honey, spices, herbs, berries and mushrooms; all ingredients are carefully chosen to bolster immune system function and energy levels, while providing a tasty, complex flavor.

Crafted with pure, whole ingredients and sweetened with honey and yacon syrup only, immunity adds sweetness and flavor while scoring lower on the glycemic index than sugar.  

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mind power

Give your brain a boost while adding wonderful botanical flavor to coffee, tea or whenever! 

mind power is a delicious blend of consciously chosen herbs, berries, and mushrooms. We use only pure, whole ingredients that work synergistically to enhance memory, focus, and productivity.

With flavors of cacao and maple, this smooth tasting blend has a velvety texture and can easily be stirred into your favorite hot or cold beverage—or even used as a sweetener in treats and baked goods.

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With reducer, delight in an energizing, nourishing addition to your coffee, tea, or whenever! The smooth, pleasant, mild cinnamon taste superfood blend is a synergistic fusion of whole, pure ingredients thoughtfully selected to gently stimulate your body’s metabolism, natural detox pathways and avoid blood sugar spikes.

Optimally functioning detox pathways and stable blood sugar support physical fitness, energy levels, athletic performance and weight loss.

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Inveev is on Instagram @inveevlife

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